The 32bis Library

Rue Ben Ghedhahem, Tunis
1000 Tunis

The 32Bis media library is a specialised library, focusing primarily on the visual arts and working to highlight artistic creations and practices in Africa, the Arab world and the Global South.


The 32Bis media library is open to researchers and professionals in the art world, and aims to be a resource centre for research and art, providing a framework for questioning both artistic practices and the development of artistic thinking and theory in the target regions. These questions are pursued and highlighted through a public programme featuring meetings and conferences on modern and contemporary visual arts.


The media library has a catalogue of more than 5,000 entries, and is constantly growing its collection of books and journals, the large part of which is art-focused, as well as books on humanities and social sciences, illustrating the various disciplines through which art is explored and the resources that these areas of knowledge can bring to artistic practices.

The media library also aims to build up an original collection of documentation by focusing on literature, history of publishing, and the various media that have been associated with artistic practices or that bear witness to artistic activity in our geographical areas.

The media library also aims to gather a number of ephemeral publications (such as catalogues, brochures and exhibition documents) and archives relating to the visual arts in Tunisia and the region. This documentation, including critical texts, commentaries and artists’ notes, constitutes an artistic literature that researchers are encouraged to explore, providing essential iconographic data for documenting artists' history, careers and practices.

In addition to offering documentary resources for research, the media library also houses small collections of publications aimed at young audiences, intended to support early-learning and introductory workshops in the visual arts. These include animated and edutainment books for the very young, and comic strips and graphic novels for young audiences, introducing them to art and art history.


Individuals and institutions have seen in the large documentary collection already in place the promise of essential resources for research into the visual arts in Tunisia and the South, and have contributed by donating exhibition catalogues, reviews or monographs: just over 500 titles have been added to our catalogue.
Our warmest thanks to them!

32 bis, Ben Ghedhahem Street, 1000 Tunis - Tunisie

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